Are you planning to visit the Vatican? Well, it is a good idea to see this beautiful place. Generally many tourists, who visit the Rome for first time, skip this place, as they do not know about this stunning location. Thus, it suggested to take an advice from a tour guide before visiting this place. Save your time and money with Vatican guided tour and explore the best places to make your tour memorable. 

While your tour to Rome, keep one day spare to explore Vatican City. It is an independent holy city-state. It is the only country which is located inside the capital of another country. Every year, approx. 5 million people visit this place. 

The Vatican City
The Vatican City

Being a most crowded tourist destination, a long queue is there to enter Vatican City. Therefore, it is not easy to visit this beautiful and demanding place. Many times, queues are over a kilometer long. To skip the long waiting line, book your tickets online. 

There are numerous reasons to visit this famous city. No wonder that Vatican tours are on bucket lists of many people. Let’s jump to significant reasons why:

 1. Sistine Chapel

 It is the most attracting place of Vatican City. You will spend most of your time here looking at the ceiling. The beauty of this place will mesmerize you, and you will feel that you are back in the time of Michelangelo. You cannot describe the artwork at Sistine Chapel in words. Your professional tour guide will help you to decode the message hidden inside the painting. You are not allowed to speak inside this place. So enjoy the beauty of the Sistine Chapel in silence. According to the rules and guidelines, it is not allowed to take pictures or make videos inside. Sistine Chapelis a worship place. So, men and women need to cover up their knees and shoulders before entering this place.

It is advised to book a Vatican guided tour when you visit the Vatican museum. It is an incomplete tour if you do not know the stories and the history behind these wonderful paintings.

Rome First Choice Tours will provide an unforgettable tour for an early access to this place before the general public with no-waiting lines. Thus join our Vatican VIP tour to get early access to the museum at 8:00 am, one hour before the door opens to the public. We are one of the few companies that have permission for early morning entrance. 

2. St. Peter’s Basilica

There are several churches in Rome, and they all look similar. St. Peter’s Basilica is the most significant church for Christians worldwide. Also, it is entirely different from every other church.

St. Peter’s Basilica offers so many masterpieces designed by Michelangelo, Bernini, and more. This huge place is beautiful and fascinating. Your professional tour guide will provide you lots of information about tombs, the ceiling, and the dome and many other facts related to Christianity.

St. Peter’s Basilica seems to be more crowded on Saturdays due to weekend’s visitors. Moreover, it is believed that St. Peter was buried here.

St. Peter’s Basilica
St. Peter’s Basilica-Inside view

It has around 100 tombs within its campus. This church has a unique design, representing its history that attracts most of the tourists. Thus, it is the main reason why this place is the most popular among tourists. 

St. Peter’s Basilica took 120 years to build. So, skip the line and get the early access through the Vatican VIP tour to visit this most beautiful and historical place. Enjoy this holy place by listening to its long history from your tour guide.  People love to visit this sacred place.

3. Pinacoteca (Picture Gallery)

Napoleon indeed robbed Pinacoteca; still, it has 18 rooms of its priceless art from the middle ages. Thus, these pictures provide an excellent survey of the development of western paintings. The whole section is divided into different categories. Medieval art includes Sienese, Byzantine, Umbrian, Tuscan paintings, Madonna, Giotto triptych, and St. Nicholas of Bari by Fra Angelico.

Furthermore, it is known for the sculptures that are contained by its walls. Also, it is just stone throw distance from St. Peter’s Basilica.

4. Vatican Library

Vatican library is one of the oldest libraries across the globe and contains a historical text collection. Here, approx 1.1 million printed books are present along with 75,000 codices. It is a research library for philosophy, history, and law and science sector. Thus, it is the best place for readers and researchers. You can visit this place to enhance your knowledge. This place is open for anyone who needs documents for their research needs. 

5. Saint Peter’s Square

Saint Peter’s Square is one of the top-rated destinations in Vatican City. So, it is also known as the heart of Vatican City. Italian architect, Gian Lorenzo Bernini, designed it. Moreover, at a time, more than 40,000 people can gather at this place. It is the most visited place as everyone wants to capture the beauty of this place. Also, Peter’s Square displays the core of Vatican City. It is the world’s most famous square and breath-taking place. Therefore, you need not to pay a single penny while visiting this place. 

How to attain the most out of your visit

Visit Rome and collect some unforgettable memories. The Vatican is an incredibly popular destination for both religious and sightseeing point of view. As a result, queues are too long to visit this place, and even when fast track tickets are available. It is also difficult to stand in a queue who has less time to explore this city. Therefore, do not wait too long to get your turn and book to skip the line tour of the St. Peter’s Basilica and the Sistine Chapel. With the help of a Vatican guided tour, you will get an early access to these crowded places and enjoy them in solace and serenity.

This three-hour visit gives special no-wait permission to the top Vatican attractions. A little gathering alternative is accessible for the individuals who need a more private encounter, confined to 12 members per group only.